Prof. Bayo Okunade - Director DLC UIOn behalf of all of us at DLC, UI, we wish to welcome you to our  website and express our sincere appreciation for your support and understanding during the last Session that was obviously an extra-ordinarily long Session for very obvious reasons. We also extend .

 our appreciation to our Colleagues, Resource Persons and Facilitators who assisted us in different ways in the course of the session. Since I assumed office as the Director, Distance Learning Centre,University of Ibadan in February 2011, I have been intimated with the various challenges faced by DLC students in their quest to access education through the DL mode. Majority of these challenges are IT related. 

 In order to have a full grasp of your feelings and concerns, I have personally been engaging some of you in discussion on the facebook platform assuring you of our resolve to address the problems.

As expected, in the last few days, we have been inundated by questions and concerns by a cross-section of you all especially through the social media. Since the issues and concerns are of general interest to you all, it is important to publicly address some of these for the benefit of all. This is indeed the essence of this message to you all.

1. ON STATUS OF DLC, UI: In view of the confusion that trailed the suspension of Part-Time Institutions in Nigerian Universities by the National Universities Commission, it is important to once again emphasize and stress that the DLC of the University is in no way affected. To avoid doubt, the Centre is one of the few recognised Distance Learning Education provider in Nigeria. Since the pronouncement, we have had to react through different platforms and had successfully educated Nigerians on the difference between Part-Time and Distance Learning. The implication of the confusion and the anxiety by some of our students is lack of understanding on what Distance Learning education is all about. It is this lack of understanding that has conditioned some of the demands, for example, endless Interactive Session, being put on us by some of our students. We hope things will become clearer as we progress. Be rest assured that we remain ‘First and the Best’ in the business of providing distance education in Nigeria. We are not just starting, we have over two decades of history and turned out over 6, 000 graduates who are well placed in all facets of the society. Some of our graduates are now lecturers in higher institutions while many are currently undertaking various postgraduate programmes both at the master and doctoral levels.

2.  ON RESUMPTION: You will recall that, your resumption does not start with the Interactive Session. Rather, it starts, for Returning Students, with Registration and collection of Course Materials for you to commence your studies and consult with your Course facilitators.

3.  ON COMPUTER TRAINING: The mandatory computer training is not being adhered to. It is important to remind all that they have personal responsibility to develop themselves in order to be well positioned to take full advantage of the support that IT offers to DL. Very soon, we are going to unfold a new strategy on how to get trained. We are also in the process of reviewing our relationship with training institutions for greater efficiency.

4. ON PARTNERS: Some two years ago, DLC started partnering with some establishments to assist our student in giving our undergraduate students some form of administrative support including provision of access to compute and internet and in completion of application forms. Unfortunately, some of our Partners operated in excess of their mandate. In some cases, the admission processes which ordinarily is on-line were perverted to the dis-advantage of prospective students and in some cases, some Partners extorted some of our students by organizing illegal tutorials and in most cases have caused disrepute to the Centre and the University. In view of the above and the new thinking in Distance Learning provision, we have had to dispense with the services of our Partners henceforth. The implication of this is that, we no longer have any relationship with such Partners in whatever form as far as our undergraduate programmes are concerned.

5.ON PROJECT SUPERVISION: Students are supposed to commence their final year Project a year before their final year. The allocation list for supervision of students who are proceeding to the 400 level and details on the mode of supervision has been sent to the concerned student's mail. Meanwhile, students should wait for the official communication on their supervisors among other details.

6. ON DLC WEBSITE, DEDICATED E-MAIL AND USE OF SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORK: Once again, we are appealing to students who are yet to activate their DLC dedicated e-mail account to do so immediately. We also advise those who are not yet on Face Book ( and Google+ ( which we highly subscribe to as platforms for social and academic interaction and exchanges (including free audio visual calls) to endeavour to join. We wish to appreciate all active members especially on Face Book. Your Posts have provided us with enormous information that constantly put us on our toes.

7.  REGULAR UPDATES: It is also important to remind you to constantly visit the Centre’s website ( for updates on things that affect you and the Centre’s activities.

One cannot possibly address all issues in a message like this, but the commitment is that some others will be addressed as at when appropriate. We are committed to fast tracking the Session but you need to act your own part. We will continue to inform and engage you in all our activities. We will also sustain our commitment to openness, transparency and responsiveness in our quest to serving you better. For us, every new day affords us the opportunity to serve you better.

While encouraging you to perform your own part of the contract promptly and appropriately, we are promising you a better and improved service delivery.I wish you a rewarding learning experience.

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